Press Release


Kelley Andre

I Love My Artist Foundation


I love My Artist foundation Provides support to the live Music Community. 

"Making a difference one artist at a time"

Brooklyn,NY I Love My Artist Foundation today announced a website funding valuation. This round of funding was led by Kelley Andre with participation from [name of other participating investors, if applicable]. 


“[Quote from investor representative about the funding],” says Kelley Andre, President of I Love My Artist Foundation. “Is Inspirational and a game changer in a time when we need Change.”


“The live Artist Community will never be the same,” says [name], [title] at [company]. “[Additional quote].”


This new round of funding will be used to create emergency funding grants to:

  • Vocalists-Local/Touring/Theater 

  • Musician s-Local/Touring/Theater 

  • Live Sound /Touring Engineer/Techs

  • Comedians

  • Disc Jockeys

 Specifically, the areas that the company will focus on are:


  • Area of focus #1 Emergency Funding for the live Artist Communities listed above.

  • Area of focus #2 Financial Mentoring with Legal Guidance

  • Area of focus #3 Mental and Physical Health and wellness support.


To date, I Love My Artist Foundation has begun the process of aiding those in need and look forward to expanding our services  across the united states.