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 I Love our Artist  Membership Plans will offer you the following benefits:

  • Financial Consultation

  • Mental Health Sessions

  • Wellness Education 

  • Business Planning 

  • Endorsements 

  • Corporate Discounts 

  • Emergency Funding 

  • Legal Advice

  • Travel Perks & much more.

The Tiers of  I Love My Artist  Foundation are vast. 

You Qualify  as a member if you are a:


  • Vocalist-Local/Touring/Theater 

  • Musician -Local/Touring/Theater 

  • Live Sound /Touring Engineer/Tech

  • Comedian 

  • Disc Jockey/ local/touring

  • Audio/Visual Arts


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Statement of Purpose:

Uplift, assist, educate, and foster a community to build sustainability for the working artist. We are committed to creating a cadre of stakeholders and supporters who will further bond the artist community.

  Contact Us:


          Phone: 1-855-615-STAR (7827)



I Love My Artist Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)(3) Federally tax-exempt charitable organization.

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